I’m on a mission to help ladies create a stunner of an online presence for their passion project, one simple tip at a time.

... A passion project? You know, that thing always on your mind. Blog, business, creative endeavour. The thing you think of constantly at work, instead of you know … doing work. Sound like you? Well lovely, you’re in the right place!

I’m Paige. As a website designer, I help the gals just like me (but with less tech knowledge) create killer online spaces that give off #websiteenvy vibes.

As a blogger, I share oodles of free goodies. Stuff like how to get your audience to rave about your blog, how to run a business that doesn’t run over your life, how to get online with a Squarespace site, and how to make online tools automate the boring stuff.

Oh, you'd like the personal details, eh? I graduated with a Master of Arts from Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy!) and while I’m from Toronto, I spend months at a time living and traveling abroad. 

I'm also forever on the hunt for the best white wine and a perfect hammock for naps. It’s a time consuming process of winery tastings and online shopping.


The studio is a member of Squarespace Circle, the community for creative professionals that build websites with Squarespace. Clients of The Paige Studio receive 20% off their Squarespace plan for the first year as a perk of working with a Circle member.



If you’re looking to partner up to bring a stunner of a new website to life, I can’t wait to show you my past work & chat online empire creation!

If you’re looking to join me on the fabulous ride of taking your passion project from idea to reality, I invite you to join me on the blog!


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